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You Can Handle Anything!

Dec 28, 2021

The foundation for being Emotionally Equipped is the "pause."

My tools, getting unSTUCK, getting CLEAR, and Living Deliberately work best when you know how to incorporate taking pauses throughout the day, moment by moment.

In addition to this, I am a big proponent of implementing additional pauses in your life: weekly,...

Dec 21, 2021

Would you consider yourself a judgmental person?

I know I don't.

And yet, I know I am.

And the truth is, I know you are, too.

We all are.

We can't help being judgmental - that's just how the mind works. In fact, the job of the mind is to have an opinion on things - that's how it keeps us safe.

And yet, being judgmental...

Dec 14, 2021

Don't you hate it when bad things happen to you?
It's so hard and frustrating and irritating!
You just want to blame everyone for it, right?

The problem is, when you do this, you end up playing the victim.
You throw all your power away and you get stuck.

Have you considered ditching the "victim" mentality and picking up...

Dec 6, 2021

When someone is angry, consider it's not about you.
Even if you are part of their story, their anger has nothing to do with you.
Their anger has to do with them.
Their emotions are generated from within their own minds and they are responsible for them.

You can help deflate their anger, not by changing who you are, but...