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You Can Handle Anything!

Apr 7, 2019


"Do you know the name of the political party you are voting for?" my husband asked me.

It was a simple question.

But, I forgot.

I mean, I knew at one point the name of the party I was planning to vote.

But, in that moment, it slipped my mind.

There are 15 different political parties in the running to be a part of the new coalition government in Israel.

And I was planning to vote for one of the newer, minor parties.

But, I forgot the name.

And I got hurt by my husband's question (thinking he was just being derogatory - making fun of me that I'm not as adept in politics as he).

My behavior towards him wasn't ideal, let's just say.

Tune in to hear the story and how, looking back, I considered choosing a more beneficial response. 

And see where in your life, you may want to consider doing the same.

As always, I look forward to getting unstuck with you.