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You Can Handle Anything!

Feb 24, 2018

All I wanted to do was shop for some clothes!

Sometimes we can easily get stuck on taking these personally, even though the person who "hurt us", had no intentions of doing so.

("Hurt us" is in quotations because no one has the power to allow us to be hurt except ourselves.)

Tune in to hear how I considered not taking...

Feb 20, 2018

It is so easy to get stuck on insult.

When people say things in a way that can be construed as hurtful, our minds can't see any other way of being, except to take things personally.

Yet, getting stuck on insult won't ever help you feel better.

And getting stuck won't make you feel in control.

Remember, you are always in...

Feb 12, 2018

Have you ever had the experience where something happened to you and you are convinced it should NOT have happened?

Do you have the feeling of wanting to turn back the clock?

Change the past?

In this episode we explore considering "there are no mistakes."

When we can accept that whatever has already happened is out...

Feb 5, 2018

What does Jim Carey, the star of The Truman Show, have to do with Getting unSTUCK?

Tune in to this week's episode and learn about how Truman Burbank epitomizes what it means to get unSTUCK as he demonstrates courage and bravery to investigate the only truth he's ever known which ultimately leads him to choosing a life...