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You Can Handle Anything!

Apr 28, 2019

This week, I am delighted to share with you 3 stories that came from listeners of the Getting Unstuck podcast.

What I love about these stories is that each one is different from the next, and yet I bet you'll be able to see yourself in each of them.

One story relates to getting stuck with the person sharing...

Apr 21, 2019

Where in your life are you looking to create something new?

Where in your life do you want to try something new?

Where in your life do you want to make a change?

Where are you stuck in taking action?

And what is causing you to stay stuck?

Tune in to this week's story to hear about how I consider effort over results and...

Apr 13, 2019

Have you ever felt not 100% complete with how you're showing up in the world?

Have you ever felt not 100% happy with how you behaved in a particular situation?

Have you ever felt not 100% thrilled with your reaction towards something?

Tune in to this week's episode to hear how I considered writing myself a letter - to...

Apr 7, 2019


"Do you know the name of the political party you are voting for?" my husband asked me.

It was a simple question.

But, I forgot.

I mean, I knew at one point the name of the party I was planning to vote.

But, in that moment, it slipped my mind.

There are 15 different political parties in the running to be a part of the...

Apr 1, 2019

I am thrilled to announce the beginning of season 2 of the Getting Unstuck podcast!

In this new season, I will be adding some new features:

  1. Interviews of certified STUCK coaches
  2. Recorded live Getting Unstuck coaching, and
  3. Sharing more of your getting unstuck stories.

I can't wait to jump right into this new season!