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You Can Handle Anything!

Apr 25, 2023

In this week's episode of "You Can Handle Anything," I chat with Sharon, a caregiver for her mother with Alzheimer's. Sharon shares her experiences of feeling overwhelmed and struggling to manage her emotions, which sometimes spill into her interactions with others. She learned practical strategies to save the moments...

Apr 18, 2023

Do you ever feel guilty?

I'm sure you have. Guilt is one of the most common emotions human beings feel.

There are LOTS of reasons why we may feel guilty at any given time.

One reason you may feel guilt is when someone lays their "emotional baggage" on you and makes you feel at fault, even when you're not to blame.


Apr 11, 2023

"Have you ever had an experience where someone says to you, "I'm not judging you, but..."

And despite their cautionary words, you feel TOTALLY judged.

And because you feel judged, you feel hurt, you get defensive, and you react with quick comebacks you later regret?

What if the next time someone says to you, "I'm not...

Apr 4, 2023

Have you ever waited for a "thank you" that never came?

Maybe you went out of your way for someone or maybe you gave a gift to someone, but the words "thank you" never left their lips.

Not being appreciated can be hurtful because you know YOU would never do such a thing to THEM!

When the "thank you" doesn't come, you...