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You Can Handle Anything!

Jul 28, 2020

We get stuck when something happens that we didn't expect.

In a state of shock or surprise, we get stuck on what we believe should have happened instead of what actually did.

Yet, if we can practice releasing our expectations (or fully accepting the opposite of what we wish will happen), we can reduce the chance of...

Jul 20, 2020

Let's say you want to become more confident.

Or more loving.

Or more patient.

Or more satisfied.

How do you do that, when naturally, you are anything but those things?

Tune into today's podcast episode to learn more and see how you can apply these teachings to your life!

Jul 13, 2020

Have you ever had the experience of feeling misunderstood?

Or not feeling understood at all?

They say sharing a common language with others is key for having clear communication.

However, my experience has shown me that even when I communicate in a shared language with someone else, it doesn't always lead to such...

Jul 6, 2020

Which would you say is more accurate in your life:

That life is happening to you or that you are creating the life you want to be living?

Living Deliberately is about looking into the future and deciding ahead of time what you want your future to look like and then living in alignment according to that clear view, no...