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You Can Handle Anything!

May 26, 2020

It's normal to want to feel liked by others.

Yet, it's not your responsibility to change yourself for the sake of anyone else.

If someone else is stuck on something you said or did, it's not your responsibility to get them unSTUCK.

It's theirs.

But, if you are trying to live deliberately, it is your responsibility to...

May 18, 2020

The moment you set out to create something new, whether that's

  • losing weight
  • starting to exercise
  • improving a relationship
  • or anything else

there's a certain excitement and powerful energy that comes along with it.

In fact, you are so hopeful in that moment that you will indeed manifest what it is you set out to...

May 17, 2020

I am incredibly to share with you all about my new program, the on-line global gathering called, "Living Deliberately Together!"

Tune in to hear more and please consider joining me!

I look forward to Living Deliberately Together with you!

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May 12, 2020

There are many ways to achieve a goal.

One way is to set clear objectives.

Another way is to have an accountability partner.

A third is to check in with your "ways of being."

If you are looking to create change in your life, the most efficient way to do so is by focusing on who you are being much more than what you are...

May 4, 2020

Living deliberately is about deciding what want to create and then consciously manifesting it.

But, if your eyes are only on the end goal, you're missing the bigger picture.

Because living deliberately is not just about getting from here to there, but rather it's about being thoroughly present in the process of getting...